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Junior School

"Toddlers are developing their identities as autonomous learners." (Toddlers) can be supported by familiar, sensitive adults who know and understand them". Te Whāriki
Our Junior School


Welcome to our Junior School, situated upstairs in Whare Āwhina a unique environment that provides a variety of spaces and experiences that this 20 months- 3 year old age group need.
This group is playful and engaging, with plenty of exploration, communication, self-control and independence. “I do it" is their attitude.
They need time and space to try things, practice and make mistakes. This develops a sense of identity and awareness of those around them. Striving for a 1:5 ratio, our teachers are able to support children's choice and independence, provide stimulating experiences while also caring for their needs and fostering self-help skills.
Routine and predictability are important and learning is integrated effectively into these times.

Transition to the Senior School

From Home or another service:

At least 3 visits are suggested for the new child to feel comfortable with the surroundings of the Senior School; to meet the children and their teachers. It is important that the child and family feel safe and secure. Confidence will grow as they become familiar with our customs and regular routines in their new environment. 

From the junior school:
This transition is usually very smooth for the child and offered when space allows and the child is ready. The junior and senior school have a shared outdoor area and meet frequently throughout the day. Mornings before 9am and afternoons after 4.30pm are shared together. Children and teachers are known to one another so the process offers an opportunity to immerse the new child into the programme. The process is documented and shared with family, whānau and kaiako. 

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