Senior School

​"Young children have increasinng capacity for language and inquiry and for understanding others points of view ". Te Whāriki
Our Senior School


Our senior school nurtures an energy for learning. Children’s individual and group interests are explored so that a desire for inquiring, research and curiosity is encouraged and supported. The environment has many spaces that provide an opportunity for projects to grow.
Children have plenty of opportunity to continue practicing independence and self-help skills to make decisions about their own learning. Their self-esteem is nurtured so that they are confident and competent contributors to society (Te Whariki).

Transition to School

All children experience changes in the way they are expected to learn and behave when they start school. The changes in relationships, teaching style, environment, space, time, contexts for learning and learning itself place considerable demands on children and their families. Through transition planning, including communicating well with a child’s parent’s and whānau,  a smooth transition to school process can be achieved.
Education Review Office (2015) Continuity of Learning: transitions from early childhood services to schools.