Hours and Fees


Full week (7.30am—6.00pm)  

Full week (9.30am-3.30pm)

Full day (7.30am—6.00pm)  

Set hours (9.30am—3.30pm)

$340 per week

$255 per week


$79 per day (2 day min)

$57 per day (2 day min)



These fees are charged for hours outside the 20 Hours ECE maximum of six hours per day and 20 hours per week per child.

Our fee for over 3 year olds

Capped at a weekly maximum

$12/ hour


An optional charge of $10.00 a day is requested for children opting in to 20 Hours ECE (as per enrolment form). This charge is to cover the additional costs of healthy chef prepared lunches, morning and afternoon tea, and miscellaneous items such as sunblock, wipes and extra resources. If you choose not to opt in to this charge, please provide your child with a lunchbox daily, sunblock and wipes. 

Booking Fee: $100, payable on confirmation of offered space.  This will be deducted from the first weeks fees, but is not refundable if the enrolment does not proceed.

Fee Payments:  Fees are to be paid one week in advance from the start day, 52 weeks of the year.


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