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Our Staff

Our dedicated team create a caring and nurturing environment for your children and ensure that they are able to grow and develop at their own pace. let's meet them!
Stacey- Owner & Kaiako

Stacey is a qualified and registered early childhood teacher. As the owner, teacher and managing director of High Five, Stacey is committed to providing the best possible care and education for children.  Stacey nurtures a family culture within High Five, making it a great place to be a part of, for the children, families and teachers. Stacey's three daughters have grown up within the High Five family.


Chantal- Centre Manager & Kaiako

Chantal is our Centre Manager, and also is a qualified and registered kaiako. She has a passion for nurturing children's emotional development from a young age, and is currently studying her Master's. Chantal is responsible for the day to day administration of the centre, leading the curriculum and mentoring kaiako. When not in the office, you may see her working with teachers and building relationships with tamariki. Chantal's two sons are a part of the High Five whānau, too.

Cathy- Kaiako
Cathy photo.jpeg

Cathy is a qualified and registered early childhood teacher. She is dedicated and passionate while working within Whānau Manaaki (infants and toddlers). She has a lovely warmth and care to her practice with young children, and can often be seem setting up engaging activities, telling stories with children, and engaging them in waiata (song).

Nicole- Chef

Nicole is our onsite trained chef. Nicole loves exploring new recipe ideas to add to the nutritious meals cooked fresh daily at High Five. Currently she is working on a reprint of our popular High Five cook book, ​cooking initiatives for the children, and creating an outdoor veggie garden for our tamariki to be a part of. Nicole's son is also a part of our High Five whānau so she is definitely kept on her toes throughout the day!

Cass- Kaiako

Cass is a qualified and registered early childhood teacher. She works with our 3-5 year olds in the senior school. After many years working with all age groups, Cass has discovered a passion and dedication for supporting our older learners in their inquiry and project based learning. Cass brings many strengths to our centre, in particular her passion for kõrero reo Māori and the importance of upholding tikanga Maori. Her two daughters are also part of the High Five family and visit us often! Cass shares her time as a kaiako between High Five (mornings) and a local Kindy.

Rina- Kaiako

Rina has been working at High Five since 2005. She is a kaiako in Whānau Manaaki, our infant and toddler space. She has worked with all age groups in the past. Rina offers a calm, gentle approach and is very attentive to the emotional needs of our tamariki. Rina does a lot of work engaging staff in our internal reviews to improve our practice with a focus on support systems and communication for whanau. Rina is very caring and dedicated to offering primary care for younger children

Tepa- Kaiako

Tepa is one of our wonderful Whānau Manaaki teachers and brings a relaxed and quiet warmth to the atmosphere. She has many years of experience with our younger children, but don't be fooled by the quiet personality! Tepa has a wicked sense of humour and an infectious giggle. She has a lot of fun with our pepe and they all warm to her instantly. Tepa started with High Five in 2002 and shares the advocacy for Pasifika ways in our service with her twin sister Luli.

Pepa- Kaiako

Pepa is a qualified and registered early childhood teacher. She has worked at High Five since 2002 and is one of our wonderful Whānau Manaaki teachers. Pepa has extensive experience with a range of age groups and she is passionate about offering 'freedom to explore'. Pepa is often seen outside with the children working on our large outdoor gardens and caring for our animals with children.

Luli- Kaiako

Luli started with our High Five whanau in 2005. She is comfortable working with all age groups and is currently in our senior school.  Luli is passionate about engaging children with art and music - you should see our 2-year-olds doing the Sasa!​ Luli also offers a deep respect for our natural environment and models that by nurturing Pasifika and Maori values daily with our tamaiti.


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