Our Vision and Philosophy

Our Vision:

We grow leadership and mana with all members of the High Five community to empower children and one another to reach their full potential.

Our Philosophy 
At High Five we celebrate the development within childhood in an un rushed, nurturing and positive environment. We strongly value Respect, Relationships and Empowerment



We demonstrate respect and whānauatanga.


We respect and value each another, our different cultures, our reo (language), identities, and our natural world.


We respect our tamariki and whānau Māori as tangata whenua is upheld at all times.




Collaborative relationships built upon whakapono (trust) and mana reo (communication) are nurtured within our High Five whānau and community.


Primary care giving is practiced with our younger children, with an emphasis of learning from one another in tuakana teina relationships is valued and supported across all areas.

Children’s belonging, (mana whenua) in a loving, home away from home environment is something we believe needs to be nurtured.




Children, their whānau and kaiako (teachers) are empowered to reach their full potential and to support their mana.


Learning journeys are celebrated at each stage of development, allowing children to choose their own pace and lead their learning in an un rushed and positive environment


Priority ākonga (learners), are empowered to achieve success in their own learning through culturally responsive and collaborative practices with their whānau and community. 

What High Five is all about

High Five was founded to create a care and education centre for young children, which would promote respectful values. This is still true today.
Providing a fun, stimulating environment where children can be children, feel safe, and are respected as individuals has always been important to us. Children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, physically, mentally, emotionally and culturally. They are encouraged to play, within set limits and boundaries, that promote self-esteem and empower them to learn and know that life is full of unlimited possibilities.
High Five historically has provided an environment that facilitates communication and where families, whānau and caregivers are warmly welcomed and their contributions are valued and encouraged.  We strongly recognise the intimate relationships required between the home and the centre, and foster these relationships to enhance wellbeing and belonging of tamariki. Your child and family are important to us.
High Five is designed and set up to cater for three different developmental levels; our infant and toddlers, juniors (older toddlers) and seniors (pre-schoolers). Smaller groups enhance the quality of learning and care for all tamariki. You can read more about what each area offers by clicking on the headings above.
A commitment to the heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand is reflected in the curriculum while also recognising the cultural diversity of our community.
High Five promotes care and respect for ourselves, for one another and for the environment.
Fundamental to High Five’s vision, are the aspirations of Te Whāriki...

“For children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”.

We hope to meet you soon :)