Infants & toddlers

We Celebrate Childhood and value genuine, warm relationships

We celebrate the natural inquisitiveness, curiosity and imagination of children. We believe that the pace of the child's development is to be respected and that they should feel empowered and guided positively along that learning journey. By working alongside children, we encourage both independent and group learning through the following of their own interests, helping them to gather knowledge and social and emotional skills along the way. Our kaiako empower tamariki to become lifelong learners, who are confident to take calculated risks and build trusting relationships.

Superb teacher to child ratios
A natural outdoor play environment
A one on one settling process to ensure children feel comfortable
Diverse & dedicated kaiako (teachers)
fresh home-cooked
Meals made
for every dietary need
Open from 7.30am to 6pm & 52 weeks a year (shorter hours apply during holidays)
Who We are

We focus on building trusting and meaningful relationships.

We empower and respect all tamariki, their whānau and kaiako and collaborate with them to support children's learning.


Our Vision

We grow leadership and mana with all members of the High Five community to empower children, and one another. 

Meet our staff

Our dedicated and hard-working team create a caring and nurturing environment for your children and ensure that they are able to grow and develop at their own pace.

We offer...